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Founded in 2016

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TE3CO has been a provider of mission-critical pressure relief technology and pressure bleed off and blowdown technology and services to customers across the oil & gas industry.

Our electronically controlled Safety RAT, Relief Automation Technology, and Safety BAT, Bleed-Blowdown Relief Technology, function in place of traditional frac PRV, high pressure relief valves, pressure pumping safety systems, and provides the means by which our customers are able to safeguard fracking operations including; the equipment used, resources performing the work and the environment in and around the worksite. We also provide specialized well site technology and support services for the equipment we provide.

Safety is priority #1 at TE3CO. Everything we do is designed to provide a safe operating environment, for our customers, our employees and all other resources present at the worksite. We take great pride in our safety record and commitment to customer service excellence.

Statement of Purpose
TE3CO is committed to provide quality pressure relief for the hydraulic fracturing market. Our performance benchmarks are raised by our customer’s successes. Priority One. Did all personnel go home safely? Priority Two. Did the system prevent catastrophic iron failure? Priority Three. Did we minimize the customer’s non-productive time?

Customer Commitment

TE3CO focus on serving our customers’ needs through the highest possible level of service excellence – enabling our customers to optimize their pressure relief and control needs and requirements.
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TE3CO Pillars of Excellence

  • Focused on Service, Safety and Performance.
  • Smart, Dedicated and Stable Workforce.
  • Customer Focused, Attentive and Engaged.
  • Highly Trained Field Service Technicians and Engineers.
  • Commitment to Safety and Protection of the Environment.
  • Putting Our Customers First.
  • Excellence in Operations.
  • Empowered and Accountable.
  • Best Technology, Best Manufacturing, Highest Quality.
  • Reliable, Intelligently Designed and Easily Serviced.
  • Flexible Design with Broad Operating Envelopes.
  • Available 24/7/365.
  • Best-In-Class End-to-End Response.
  • Commitment to Collaboration.
  • Industry Leaders in Service